Hi there!

My name is Alannah (Aly for short) and this is my very first blog!

I’m really interested in food, movies, games and basically all genres of literature, so my blog will be focused around not only my thoughts and memories, but my interests too.

I live in Scotland and, despite the weather, I love it!  (Although, there is nothing better than the pitter patter of rain on your bedroom window to get you to sleep.)  Did you know, the population of London, England alone is roughly 7 million, and the entire population of Scotland is only 5 million?!  (Cue Aly’s interesting fact of the day!) It’s quite scary to think that one city in England has a larger population than the entirety of Scotland.  But, I like to think that this makes Scotland more peaceful.  Unless you are living in a city that is!

Currently, I’m in my 20’s and am attending university to achieve an English degree, and hopefully from there gain a position in publishing.  My love for reading gets me through the tremendous workload and keeps me sane.  I like to think so anyway…  That and my fantastic fiancé, Paul.  We have been together for 4 years to date, and I honestly ask myself everyday how I was able to land such a fantastic man.  Just picture a cross between Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran, add a ton of muscle, a penchant for food and gaming, and you have Paul.

Oh, and I must mention my ultimate passion… Tolkien!  Yup, I love all things Tolkien.  I have all of his works and am trying to get my hands on some really nice editions just to make my collection sparkle.  At the mere mention of his name or any of his works, my heart rate picks up and my legs carry me to the source faster than a… Well, faster than Shadowfax himself!  (See what I did there, hehe.)

My other hobbies include learning Japanese and playing the ukulele (terribly!) in my spare time.  I absolutely love to learn!  Once I master the Japanese language, I hope to master a language closer to home; Gaelic.  It has always fascinated me, and I hope to be able to understand it some day.

Well, that pretty much sums me up.  I hope to continue posting and mastering the art of blogging for years to come.

Thanks for visiting!

Aly ♥


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